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Originally Posted by JLV View Post
Why? More importantly, what's the difference? "Technology of a significantly advanced state is indistinguishable from magic."
Isn't that quote simply referring to not being able to tell how it works and what its limits are, if you don't know about them?

It seems to me that GM's who don't know or care can and will continue to not know or care, but for GM's who are interested and would like to give some thought to their cosmology, and have some satisfyingly self-consistent understanding of it, that doesn't really add much except as a reminder that probably only some Mnoren would know about such things.

Originally Posted by TippetsTX View Post
True, but for me there's always been a line (subjective as it may be) between what is achievable thru high-concept science and technology vs. magic. I always imagined the Mnoren's power to be primarily based on the former and while they must have an awareness of magic, I thought it might be interesting from a story standpoint if magic ultimately turned out to be their 'Achilles Heel'.
Yes. I think that's an interesting dynamic to play with, which can work out in all sorts of ways.
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