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Default Re: Cidri's Got Talent!

I hate that a warrior who is skilled with the sword becomes helpless if he can only find an axe.
IQ 8: All Melee (1)
Prerequisite: At least two talent points of weapon talents.
A character attacking in melee using a weapon for which they lack the talent suffers a -1 DX, instead of -4 DX.
This one is complex to write but I think it's mostly intuitive once you understand it. You can protect people adjacent to you, a bit. I've tried to write it so it handles jabs and missile attacks naturally.
IQ 8: Shield Wall (1)
If Figure A attacks and hits Figure B then Figure C may may use a shield to stop some of the hits, provided (a) Figure C has this talent, (b) Figure C has a shield that stops at least two hits, (c) Figure C is adjacent to Figure B, (d) Figure A is to Figure C's front, (e) Figure A is no further from Figure C than Figure A is from Figure B. The protection provided is one less than the shield's normal protection.
Physicker junior.
IQ 9: First Aid (1)
Like Physicker, but only heals 1 point instead of 2. If you have this talent then Physicker only costs 1.
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