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Default Re: Verification re: Move and Attack

Originally Posted by MrFix View Post
Most videos that might be produced to portray 'how it is IRL' involve a man closing in via Move, and then using All Out Attack to both approach the target and then strike at a bonus.

Move & Attack portrays strike on the run, or run-by strike, which is harder to do than simply stopping the run when you're in range and then thrusting/swinging.
Also to cover "I'm able to attack while running full speed" Martial Arts added that All-Out Attack can use full move if you attack using a slam (MA98 Slams as All-Out Attacks)

It's also possible to deliver a slam using a long weapon held horizontally across your body (MA112 Slams with Long Weapons) which gives a bonus to your crushing damage as well as (similar to a Shield Rush) lets the weapon take the damage instead of you.

Move and Attack gives the option of substituing slam/collision damage for your thrust if it is better (MA107, no special heading) which sort of muddles the water of "I'm stopping to thrust" though.

Despite substituting slam damage I don't know that it would count as a slam for other purposes such as knocking people down, not taking a -4 to hit / skill cap 9 on a Move and Attack (slams don't suffer those) probably because you're trying to thrust with a narrow weapon tip as opposed to "throwing my entire torso at someone" or whatever a slam is meant to be (it never seems to specify point of contact, which is a big deal for body armor)

Even though RAW this substitution rule probably only applies to Move and Attack, I'd be for allowing it as a generic rule. It's generally not going to be useful for your standard attack (or even committed attack) since 1-2 steps don't give you much velocity (same reason why you wouldn't tend to deliver a slam using those maneuvers)

It'd mostly just be useful for All-Out Attack since you get 50% move.

In the situation of substituting slam damage for a thrusting weapon, I wonder if maybe 100% move should be allowed on an All-Out Attack?

To balance it out maybe a -4 to hit should be applied to All-Out Attacks which do that, as you would suffer on a Move and Attack. I'm basically just looking for the full sprinting speed of AOA slams, not the accuracy slams enjoy in M+A.

Slams basically get a free "+4 to hit" during a Move and Attack (to ignore the usual -4 penalty) which isn't enjoyed in other contexts such as a Move and Attack.

This makes me wonder if maybe we should just always give +4 to hit with slams (you're running into something, it's very instincitve) rather than special treatment with only M+A
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