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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
OOC: How much time are Hua and Day taking to arrive? Are they fine in terms of the distance Pacifica knows they have to walk? Is it reasonable, or are they taking longer than expected?
Pacifica still needs to deal with the consequences of winning her most recent combat.

In terms of time, the two groups both have control of command centers and both have received (or will receive shortly) information on the enemy. I would recommend talking to each other.

The time spent so far is not over what was predicted... yet.

Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
Fair enough. I'll try an IQ roll to retroactively have a pad of paper (maybe security has one, maybe we could have found/stopped for one on the way in to the officer section?), and then try to slip a note onto one of them (Chojo arbitrarily):

The note should say something like: "There will be an attack on the officer section in X minutes. We have three people inside. Once we take the other security and officers out, the ship will be all but ours. For the glory of the fifth."
The Pad of Paper was picked up by Hua in a command center, because this sort of thing is useful.

Chojo almost immediately gets the paper, and a chance to read it. His eyes get wide, and he looks around for someone or something.
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