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Default Re: Need Help Statting a Magical Interdimensional Teleport Cloak

Originally Posted by Crystalline_Entity View Post
This sounds like it might end up being a very expensive ability; you could maybe reduce the cost by swapping "Affects Others 4, +200%" with "Tunnel, +40%".

That does mean enemies could follow you through the tunnel (or go the other way, if the GM rules it's a two-way tunnel), and the 3d duration might result in insufficient time for your four friends to go through after you if you're unlucky in the roll (maybe "Fixed Duration, +0%" would remove this?).

I'm curious what the final build looks like though if you fancy sharing!
Phantasm has stated the Jumper and Warp abilities aren't intended for use in combat, so an enemy following is unlikely, particularly with Fixed Duration (with a 10 second Tunnel, the enemy would have very little time to get out of hiding and into the tunnel before it closed; even without Fixed Duration, 18 seconds may not be enough time... also the characters could take standard precautions anytime they use the Tunnel - get through, turn around and aim weapons at the opening until it closes; you could even have cover setup for them to crouch behind). Of course, Fixed Duration may not be necessary - unless I'm mistaken, you can traverse a Tunnel just as quickly as a doorway, and 4 people (the timer starts after the first creates the Tunnel) going through a doorway in 3 seconds is readily achievable, particularly if they queue up beforehand (Waits, although you generally don't need to use Maneuvers outside of combat-time).

As for the build itself, if you intend this to be able to serve as a waystation, there are a few Enhancements to consider. Larger Size (+10%/level) will be needed so they don't have to basically pile on top of each other to sleep - by default, your pocket dimension is only about as large as a small bedroom (equivalent to a Status -2 dwelling). I'd suggest 2 levels (for a house/large apartment-sized pocket dimension).

For characters to remain there indefinitely, they'll need food and water. I'd be inclined to provide the latter for free (most dwellings have ready access to water), but for the former you'd need either stocked supplies or the Matter Creation Enhancement on Jumper (Pocket Dimension). Of course, that Enhancement allows you to create literally anything, so just creating food should be a lot cheaper. Create only allows up to a Large Category for [60]; if we assume Create (Anything) is worth [100]* (comparable to Snatcher), this means (considering +70% is [+70]) the matter ceasing to exist upon exiting the pocket dimension is equivalent to a -30% Limitation on Create. Food is probably a Small Category (roughly comparable to Fossil Fuels), with a base cost of [10] and thus making Matter Creation (Food Only) a +7% Enhancement.

Arguably, because food canonically takes 3 days to be fully digested, eating nothing but Created food is going to result in being famished when you leave (assuming a constant rate of absorption, someone who has eaten nothing but Created food for 3+ days would count as having missed around 4 meals). Realistically, within only a few hours (once food reaches the large intestine) you've typically absorbed most of the energy and nutrients; so, only count the most recent meal, and if it was Created, count the character as due for a meal upon exiting the pocket dimension - so long as he or she eats a real meal - optionally, one that's a bit larger than average - within an hour or two, there's no ill effect (a good option is to bring some real food with you, or have some stocked, and eat that real meal just before leaving).

*The next step in the sequence is actually [80]; if you feel this is more appropriate for Create (Anything), that makes the pocket dimension limitation worth only -12.5%. That would make Matter Creation (Food Only) a +8.75% Enhancement.
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