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Default Re: Do Shapeshifters duplicate the objects of their victims?

Originally Posted by Coinage View Post
Thanks for the reply. I am concerned that the first method you suggested would lead to a LOT of number crunching.
Just adding [20] to the target's point total will likely cover you in the bulk of cases - that's enough to have 10xStarting Wealth worth of Signature Gear ($200,000 in a TL8 campaign). Also, as GM, you can probably just count on a rough estimation, provided you didn't actually equip the OpFor on a budget (if you did, just give enough points in SigGear to cover said budget). Also note you'll only need to worry about this if the character being copied is close in price to the character's morph budget - if you've got a lot of points left over before accounting for the Signature Gear, you probably don't need to bother calculating it unless the target has really expensive stuff.

I'll note my suggestion of possibly adding a +20% Enhancement was in addition to increasing the target's point value based on their gear, not in place of it.
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