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Default Re: Professional skill seem cheap

Originally Posted by Steev View Post
My general principle in games is to have character generation take no more than a few minutes and involve as little stress as possible for the player.

So I would, in this military style game, like the players to essentially pick a soldier, a specialty and a couple of customisations and be ready to play.

Hence my desire to employ templates etc.

Am I unusually in wanting this? If character generation takes ages and involves a lot of my time I essentially cannot kill PCs off in the game as everything would grind to a halt as I helped them generate a new character.

Do others not find this? Bear in mine my group do not know the gurps system so I would need to help them.
You get what you pay for, I guess. Characters in 2 minutes aren't going to have a lot of player investment and aren't likely to have a lot of character. They're just some numbers to roll against. Sure, a player can add through their role playing, but they don't have much to help them.

I also don't see the benefit in killing off characters with abandon. Combine that with the above and I'd expect even less player investment. "Oh, I died, here's me mark 2, 5, 19, 127...".

You don't need to spend hours and hours, and templates are a great way to get the basics done, but then let them spend some time customising. They'll learn the system after some initial help.

But, absolutely to each their own. It's not a case of right of wrong, but you asked for what others do so that's my opinion of why I don't do it the way you mentioned.
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