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Default Re: Combo Suggestions for point starved Witch wanting to be effective in melee?

Originally Posted by Malleable View Post
So precognitive parry is my best bet for defense. And if I'm gonna parry, I may as well counter attack. And if I'm counter attacking I may as well work that into a combo.
As a gm, I wouldn't allow a counterattack to be used anytime a precognitive parry could be useful.

All a successful precognitive parry roll allows is the ability to use the parry skill to parry something that the character couldn't normally parry, such as a bullet. It slows down combat because of this second roll.

It is also something that I would limit to martial arts specialists; it isn't something I'd allow to a dabbler.

Your character is a witch. You have much better things to spend points on. Why are you trying to invade other character niches?
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