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Default Re: Combo Suggestions for point starved Witch wanting to be effective in melee?

Originally Posted by Malleable View Post
I recently started in a Monster Hunters campaign as a witch. So I already have a primary role of casting, but know that this campaign will require that everyone can defend themselves physically. I don't expect to be the best melee guy, but want to develop one particular melee combo that I can do effectively and consider my 'schtick'.
I found a way to do this as a Witch that worked quite well, which was to literally concentrate on defence, and take advantage of the +2 to parry you get with a quarterstaff. That let me get away with DX 12, Staff-14 [8], and get a parry of 13 with Combat Reflexes. When in melee, I usually did All-Out Defence, and the GM let me do multiple parries at -2, as per pp. 123 & 222 of Martial Arts.

The only times I actually did damage with the staff was parrying unarmed attacks, but that was fairly useful vs zombies.
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