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Default Combo Suggestions for point starved Witch wanting to be effective in melee?

Hi guys.
I recently started in a Monster Hunters campaign as a witch. So I already have a primary role of casting, but know that this campaign will require that everyone can defend themselves physically. I don't expect to be the best melee guy, but want to develop one particular melee combo that I can do effectively and consider my 'stick'.
The character is Japanese, has only put a single point into broadsword (katana), karate and judo - so I've not started down any one path. I have a 16 Int and 14 DX.
I am strongly thinking about getting Precognitive Parry so I can parry bullets.
From that I could either get Iron Hands DR2 or use my katana (or maybe both).
If I go the parry route, I'd like to use Counter Attack in my Combo.
Since my Int is high I'd like to develop Feint (Ruse).
Thats as far as I've gotten.
Using the katana for some kind of attack might be good, since decapitation kills most monsters. Maybe Targeted Attack (neck)?
Or I could go down the Judo route and do some kind of Arm Lock or Head Lock thing. I won't have the highest strength, so maybe I might not be effective against strong monsters with this type technique? I've never played a melee combatant in GURPS, so not sure about all the rules.
I guess I could go either Karate or Judo with Iron Hands using Precognitive Parry, but hand strikes from Karate don't seem like they would be effective to kill monsters (not magic or silver). Though taking down humans and not killing them might be a good thing.
Or develop the Lethal Eye Strike technique?
And does a Throw make it easier to Target Attack someone? Say I throw some guy in such a way that his face and mine are really close - and then I Breath Fire (Innate Attack).

Anyways, I am open to suggestions. What do you guys think might be a good combination? Probably Parry Counter Attack, Feint (Ruse) - unless this sounds like junk to you guys.

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