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Out IQ 12 spells:

Minor Glamor (T): This is a special sort of illusion. A Minor Glamor is cast over a living creature to make him appear as other than what he is; it is a magical disguise. A Minor Glamor does not give the disguised creature any of the abilities of his disguise, and cannot make him appear to be more than twice his actual size. A Minor Glamor CAN be penetrated by disbelieving. It lasts until removed by Remove Thrown Spell, until the casting wizard wills it away, until the englamored one dies, or for a total of one hour. A creature with Mage Sight gets a 4-die roll against IQ, once only, to see through a Minor Glamor when it is first encountered. If successful, this removes the Minor Glamor but only for him; others will still see the illusion. The differences between this spell and a Glamor is that this spell can be disbelieved, this spell is not permanent (it lasts one hour). Cost to cast a Minor Glamor is 4. Cannot be maintained, but can be recast. Any wizard who know the Glamor spell knows the Minor Glamor spell as well without spending more points for it.

Shrink/Grow Object (T): This works on a 1 HX object. The characteristics of the object stay the same, but the object shrinks or grows by 10% for every 1 ST used to cast. This spell lasts for 1 hour. It can only work on a single object at a time, so it would not work to pile several small items into one hex and cast only one spell to shrink or grow them all. The tensile strength of certain items may be compromised if it is grown to exaggeratedly huge proportions (GMs discretion). The mass and volume of the item will increase or decrease as the dimensions increase or decrease.

Zombie Control (T): Allows wizard to take control of one zombie or animated corpse, however, the current controller (if any) gets a 5 D6 vs. IQ saving throw to keep control. Cost 5 ST
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