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Here are our current house rules IQ 9 spells:

Detect Death (S): Like Detect Life but detects dead tissue. Cost 1 ST for first megahex plus 1 ST per additional megahex

Summon Primus (C): Brings an animal ally who will follow the wizard’s orders. See Summoned Creatures. The animal ally can be no more powerful than a wolf (ST 10, DX 14, IQ 6, MA 12, bite does 1d+1 damage, fur stops 1 hit). Animal may not be magical, may NOT fly, and may not use weapons. Stats for ST, DX, and IQ combined should be no more than 30. Creature summoned must be wolf size or smaller and any damage inflicted in a single attack should be no more than 1d + 1 and protection from fur or scales or similar natural defenses can stop no more than 1 hit. Costs 2 ST to cast, plus 1 each turn the creature remains. COMMENTS: THIS SPELL REPLACES SUMMON WOLF. The intention is not to allow something stronger than a wolf. The particular animal summoned needs to be discussed and approved by the GM prior to play if there is no animal with given stats that is similar in the rules as written to the creature that the player wishes to summon.

Weakness (T): Subtracts 2 from victim’s ST for every 1 ST the wizard uses to throw spell. Lasts 3 turns (1 turn if victim’s ST is 30 or more). A figure whose ST is reduced by a Weakness spell can still use weapons currently in hand even if he or she no longer has the ST while “weakened” required for the weapon, however that use is at -2DX. The figure can still wear the armor he or she is currently wearing even if “weakened” to a ST below that normally needed to use it. This is like fatigue for the purpose of damage taken--- you cannot kill a victim with this spell but if it lowers the subjects ST low enough it can cause unconsciousness--- during which time someone might kill him or her.
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