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Our gaming group has a lot of house rules spells. I was just told about this thread and it has some great stuff on it. Here are the two IQ 8 Spells that we have added to our Grimoire.

Turning (T): When a wizard throws Turning on a zombie, the zombie must end their movement at least 2 hexes farther from the wizard than they started. Each turn the spell is on a zombie who cannot move away without running into something or falling into something it must roll 3 D6 vs. DX to avoid falling down. A figure which cannot move 2 hexes due to being engaged must move as far as it can even if it has to disengage. Costs 1 ST plus 1 ST per turn.

Holy Symbol (S): This can ONLY be known by someone with the Priest talent. A priest who knows this spell can inscribe an object with his or her holy symbol, giving it divine (magical) powers. The priest can choose to do ONE of the following:
1. On a weapon, make it plus 1 to hit OR plus 1 damage
2. On armor, make it stop an extra hit OR have one less DX penalty (cannot raise DX above standard).
3. On a gem, have it function as a 1 PT ST battery
4. On an amulet, allow character to cast any one Priest spell that he does not know (regular ST cost for casting and IQ requirements for spell still apply)
Like a Wizardís Staff, a priest may only have one holy symbol at a time. A wizardly Priest MAY have both a Staff (any level) and a Holy Symbol. 2 weeks to make at a cost of 5 ST per day to create the Holy Symbol but this is not done during an adventure except to replace a broken item. Any priest with this spell will be assumed to have a Holy Symbol at the start of the adventure but he or she MUST declare which of the ways he or she is using it.
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