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Default (IC) Lost In Dreams [Peter]

Peter Nichol's dreams were eiree that night. He dreamed of an ancient, pristeen forest, still inhabited by its original creatures: deer, wolves, bears, beavers ... all were present. As were the original people of the land, dwelling in the forest, farming and hunting.

And then he dreamed of a iron city. Of europeans dwelling on a river, mining high in the hills and sending the coal down to fuel their hot bellied furnaces, creating reapers, plows, and guns.

But their was something off about both of the peoples: a wariness of the night, and a separating of their communities from the wild. Every town, every village, and indeed every camp, was marked with a clear warning: stay out. It was done in various ways, but they all did it: skulls, lines in the dirt with writing, fences, crosses ...

Peter woke up in the middle of the woods. That was normal. Goliath was next to him. That was also normal. But he was completely naked, which was not normal. At all. One glance at the stars told him that it was about an hour before dawn. Assuming it was still May and he was still in Massachusetts.

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