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Default Re: [Low-Tech] Padded Cloth and Layered Armour penalty

I think the issue is your use of the term "Padded Cloth", which has a very specific definition in Low-Tech. The Padded Cloth armour in Low-Tech, is 1/4" thick AFTER it has been compressed with quilting. It is considerably thicker than that beforehand. This armour provides a general DR 1 vs all attacks and is too bulky to be worn under armour without application of a DX penalty. There were a lot of reasons that came up during writing and playtesting for it to be such.

The text is a little confusing because there were legacy issues with earlier issues of GURPS but the Padded Cloth armour in Low-Tech was not intended to represent aketons and other forms of arming garments that were historically worn under armour. The Loadouts book treated arming garments the same as Light Leather or Winter Clothing, which gave DR 1 vs. cutting attacks only. They won't suffer a DX penalty if specifically tailored to be worn under armour.
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