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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Escape and Knot-Tying. A grappling skill. Possibly a variant on pressure points. Flexibility noted as a recommended advantage, of course.
Are these specifically tied* to tantra techniques or more generically inspired by 'advanced sexual techniques talent'?

I'm not wedded to the real-world tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism, as the PC who wants this is in a fantasy campaign, but I do want this talent to represent his channeling his chi on some equivalent path of enlightenment.

The PC is from a quasi Middle Eastern / Central Asian culture. He's already a powerful bard and chi-using martial artist. He's always had very good Erotic Art and Sex Appeal skills and is now raising his Body Control skill, with the eventual goal of buying powers linked to the amazing control he has over his body.**

The PC used to have demonic influences, but has been washed clean of any infernal taint in divine light and is currently empowered by Su'en (also known as Nannaru), an ancient power of the moon and protection from evil supernatural influences who turned out to be slightly less dead than popularly believed.

As such, rapid power growth is perfectly fine and discovering new superpowers that suit the character is in genre. His bardic abilities have already grown even more powerful than before and boosting his chi abilities is next. The character already has Forceful Chi and would like to focus even more on using his chi powers with tantric techniques.

Which chi skills in GURPS best suit a tantric chi user?

*Sorry. Not sorry.
**Being able to change his shape, at least enough to take on the forms of different people, is his end goal here.
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