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Default Re: Ramming Speed vs Throwing Speed with a side order of Log ST

Pink Light's got a Striking ST of 40 which gives an thrust 8d/swing 8d+2.

The only reason the I-beam does so much damage as it's being thrown is that it's able to go really fast, and her base thrust is 8d.

Also, that throwing axe would be doing cutting damage which, at these damage levels, just adds insult to injury.

I'm not a "fan" of the idea, but, how's this for an additional rule.

Damage is modified by the throwing weight rules.

The 600 lb I-Beam is in her Thrust -2/die level, so that combines with the bonus she gets from the Speed/Range table.

And, oops, I was on the wrong line, she can throw it 87 yards, which makes it +9/die instead of +10/die. After the throwing modifier it's +7/die, which, for her thrust of 8d comes out to: 24d for throwing that I-Beam.

Still more than the 18d+1.

ETA: The "new" throwing damage is only 1/3rd more damage than the swing damage, which almost seems fair for giving up your weapon.

I don't think that a purpose-built, super-scale weapon should, necessarily, do more damage, but there should be significant reasons for using one. And their are. Damage modifiers: cutting/impaling. Removed penalties for using improvised weapons. The ability to have a useful thrown weapon skill (though it would be in the spirit of supers to have "Thrown Weapon (I-Beam)").

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