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Default Re: Ramming Speed vs Throwing Speed with a side order of Log ST

Anthony, that seems really anemic. A ST 10 man can, under the current rules throw a 5lb brick 12 yards. So, again, no thanks. And, Thank you Vitruvian as I couldn't get my brain to build those statements.

Kalzazz, I don't have the Low Tech companions, but I do have Supers.

A 4-yd 12" I-Beam, out of Supers would do Swing+34 damage. That would have a Min LogST of 34. So Pink Light could swing it for 18d+1 damage. That is not a purpose-built weapon, but "random debris."

I'm sure, if there was a 5,000 lb throwing axe, it should do more damage than a van. Coupled with it being more accurate and doing "cutting" damage, yes.

Oh, and the I-Beam would weigh 600 lbs, which means she could throw it 122 yards and do 4d-1 damage with it, according to the current rules.

Edit 2:
Under my suggested rules, she would do 31d+1 damage by throwing it.
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