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Default Re: Whats a Munchkin?

Originally Posted by Kaldrin
It depends where you come from. Around here there's a bad connotation with the term power gamer and a downright vicious connotation toward munchkin.
Heh, one of my best friends and occasional player/GM often accuses me of running low-powered supers games in some of my settings due to my tendency to give all the PCs access to some type of power and/or ability which sets them off from the normal.
To that I usually reply that if we wanted to play normal characters we wouldn't be wasting our evenings with make-believe.

Besides, he like most everyone has fun playing a super, or even a god now and then, and nothing like running a god campaign to sharpen a GM's improv.

Power gamers don't really bother me, min-maxing doesn't bother me, (as long as its on theme), but on the other hand, someone can be a lousy character builder, not know power from shmower, not be able to add worth a fig, and still be the biggest munchkin you'd ever not want to deal with.
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