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Default Re: GURPS Monster Hunters: what will you do with it?

Originally Posted by griffin View Post
Not sure which post you are replying to, since my later one is pretty clear that I'm aware that DF and Action contain NO settings. However, the author of MH series says that MH does (2 of them).
I'm fairly certain I never said that, because if I had, I'd be lying. There are most definitely not "two settings" in MH.

He also says that MH is like a "campaign in a box". My contention is it isn't unless there's at least the level of detail presented in GURPS Fantasy Roma Arcana setting.
Griffin, please see my post above. There are no industry-wide definitions of what "campaign in a box" means. Debating it is like debating whether a book is "crunchy" or "non-crunchy" -- the answer is, and always will be, "It depends on what you think that term means, as well as on your opinion of the book." This is the kind of thing I could see derailing the thread completely, so I'm asking everyone to please let it go; I'd prefer not to have to put on my mod hat when doing so.
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