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Default Re: Virtual Table Tops?

Originally Posted by SolemnGolem View Post
Importing your own objects: Some sites, like, allow you to design your own miniatures in 3D Unity. If these are saved as a ".unity3d" file, you can import them into TTS so your favorite virtual characters and monsters are in-game. To do so, mouseover Objects at the top of the screen menu, and select Components -> Custom -> Asset Bundle. Then click once on the board to place one object, and right click. This brings up the dialogue box - go to the "Main" line and select the directory folder icon, and select your custom ".unity3d" item.
If you're using Windows 10, you can use the integrated 3dBuilder program to import many different formats (including STLs), decimate them down to sub-30k triangles and export as OBJs to load directly into TTS. Word of warning, make sure they're tiny or they'll be humongous. Also, have them lying down (face up) in the builder.

Decimation is done under Edit -> Simplify. (Sorry, Decimation is the Daz|Studio term, and I think in those terms for stuff like this.)

Additionally, you can re-export an STL as a high-poly OBJ, download Unity and the Tabletop Simulator Modding Master file for Unity and export high-poly OBJs as Unity assets (Unity3D files). I did that here with some STLs for BattleTech.

Some times, even if you've got a model that should be just fine, TTS won't load it. Times like that, I'll usually import it into Unity and export it as a Unity Asset.

Now, an important safety note about downloading OBJs from the interwebs:
They're not rigged for animation, so expect a lot of t-poses. I'm working on learning how to add rigging in Daz|Studio so I can pose figures like that myself.

Also, for creating OBJs, you can get a TinkerCad account (for free) and build your own models, export them as OBJs, use Win10's 3dBuilder to make sure they're oriented, then load them into TTS.
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