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Default Misc. Spell questions

All page references to the recent Wizard Spell Reference Booklet.pdf unless noted.

Blur(p1) Is the wizard hindered in casting spells on himself under his own Blur spell, or one cast by an allied wizard on him?
Suggestion: A wizard suffers no DX penalties for vision for casting spells on himself or anyone he is holding onto.

Drop Weapon(p1) What is the effect on two-handed weapons?
Suggestion: Any one item held (not worn) by the target, with no mention of hands.

Magic Fist(p1) Given that the maximum possible MF is 3dice minus 12 you need to roll 18 in order to trip, correct?
Suggestion: If any one of the damage dice rolls a six before adjustments

Slow Movement(p1) Round up or down?
Suggestion: up

Staff(p1) "make any piece of wood" With no limitations to type or size? Mr. Treant, you seem to be holding yourself off the ground... And is there any range adjustment for casting this spell against a quarterstaff in somebody else's hands three megahexes away?
Suggestion: Any piece of wood held up in the wizard's hands.

Aid(p1) What happens to borrowed ST used to cast a spell after Aid wears off?
Suggestion: Spell casting and damage suffered is marked against ST gained from an Aid spell first.

Avert(p1) What are the effects of a wizard Averting himself, other than immunity to hostile Averts?
Suggestion: No effect.

Reveal Magic(p2) Any range limits? What if the wizard is looking through a telescope at the moon?
Suggestion: five megahexes, within line of sight.

Control Animal(p2) Any additional cost to control a multi-hex animal like a T-Rex?
Suggestion: Only if its brain is bigger than one hex.

Sleep(p3) Do hits from fire count? What about hits that don't penetrate armor?
Suggestion: Any damage.

Mage Sight(p4) Are the subjects merely seen, or are all visual DX adjustments negated?
Suggestion: Seen as if the wizard had normal eyesight and the effect was not present.

Slippery Floor(p4) Can only be cast on Megahex aligned boundaries?

Stone Flesh(p5) Everybody within line of sight knows how much actual damage each attack does to any target or is there an implied visual effect of Stone Flesh absorbing damage?

Stop(p5) prevents Teleport?
Suggestion: No.

Is Lightning(p5) the only attack that can destroy created walls? You can't wack it with your staff? Do the five hits have to be delivered in a single blast or can you chip away?
Suggestion: Only missile spells.

Wizard casts Remove Thrown Spell(p5) on himself (at no range adjustment) to negate the Megahex Avert he's suffering under and everybody else is also freed? Also the effect of the Sleep spell is instant so Remove Thrown Spell can't wake anybody up, right?

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