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Default Re: Adding crosspieces to spears

Originally Posted by Landwalker View Post
Tip Slash is still a thrust (damage-wise, at least). It's just a thrust that does cutting damage.
A tip slash is whipping the spear tip across a target to cut the target. It's not nearly as damaging as hacking at someone with a sword, hence thrusting damage instead of swinging damage.

Again, I'd like to quote the entry for Partisan from MA, since that seems to be precisely what you are looking for:

Originally Posted by MA221
Partisan - Europe A spear with triangular spikes (“ears”) at the base of a broad head. This prevents impaled foes from running themselves through to close with the wielder; see Holding a Foe at Bay (p. 106). Otherwise, treat as an unthrowable SPEAR (p. B273). Also called a “Bohemian ear-spoon.”
Here are some pictures of partisans, if it helps any.

You might also be interested in using a ranseur, which brought the ears in closer to the spear blade to create grooves that could trap blades. There are plenty of examples of both partisans and ranseurs with pretty miniscule downward-facing projections used for hooking onto the clothing of horseman. I doubt they could inflict damage with those hooks, but they'd still snag. Here is another illustration of partisans as compared to ranseurs and spetums (the precursor to both).

I hope this helps.
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