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Default Re: [DF] A Portal Fantasy within a Dungeon Fantasy: Where's Alice?

Originally Posted by Tymathee View Post
Hmm, maybe I'm stretching the spirit of the modifier but I think Kromm's wisdom still holds up. Of course if the players want to dish out 60 points for Ridiculous Luck than I shall give them it.
The point is this:

You have to give players the same ratio of luck as Alice.
It does not matter if it is "normal" or "ridiculous" luck, when you put "Game Time 0%" into play it should apply to all who bought luck or the balance will be broken.

The rationale behind the "game time" modifier resulting in 0% is the fact that it works as an "universal meta-enhancement" it is a feature of the world. For example, if everything in the universe is completely invisible, then being invisible is not an advantage at all; and the cost is 0. It is roughly the same for other advantages in GURPS

In that Kromm's post it is explicit that the modifier encompasses all the players; it is not reserved for a single character.
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