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Default Re: Favorite Gnomco Products

Gnomco: Solutions Seeking Problems Since The Fall Of The Ancient Empire

If you've ever asked "How bad could it be?", run – don't walk – to your nearest licensed Gnomco reseller!

Universal Toolkit

The problem with toolkits is that they're heavy: 20 lbs. for a kit to scrape the orc out of your new armor and adjust the fit, another 20 lbs. for one to fix your sword after your idiot friend used it to pry open a chest, and 20 lbs. more for the tools to tinker with crossbows*. The Universal Tool Kit™ puts an end to all that. Fully modular, this 20-lb. kit can fix anything – even things you didn't know needed fixing! – up to and including injured friends. It's the last kit you'll ever need! And at a mere $12,000, it's a steal†.

* Gnomco recommends using Genuine Gnomco Tools™ to service all Gnomco crossbows.
† Despite the quality lockpicks in the kit, Gnomco does not endorse theft, and donates a generous 1‰ of each sale to the Robbed Merchants' Fund.

Universal Multitool

Universal Tool Kit™ not compact enough for you? Introducing the Universal Multitool™. It provides the same great functionality in the form factor of a small knife. Yes, you read that right! Thanks to the wonders of gnomish engineering and advanced Gate magic*, you can have every tool ever in a package that weighs just half a pound. Yours for a mere $51,000, which you'll soon agree is a pittance for the convenience it brings.

* Used under license from the Wizards' Guild. Gnomco is not responsible for Elder Thing incursions resulting from use of the Universal Multitool™.
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