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Default Re: Where are the Play-by-Post GURPS Traveller games hiding?

Originally Posted by sn0wball View Post
I am interested as well, although I am

a) not a native speaker or English

b) live in a different time zone.

The expected amount of time invested in the game is pretty important to me. 10 minutes per day would be ok, although I probably produce less amounts of text in that time because of a)

As far as the topic is concerend, free trading should be quite suited to the PbP format. On the other hand, I am not particularily interested in a game consisting of purely game mechanical/economical decisions or keeping track of cargo, prices and so on.
I live in Seoul, South Korea. I'm pretty confident we can count on one hand the number of people besides me in this timezone.

As for the record-keeping portion... Pup, if you're interested, I'm a bit of an amateur programmer and I'm hacking together a program that will generate lists of cargo between two planets. It probably wouldn't be hard to make it 'select' the cargo and put it in our 'cargo hold.' In that case, I don't mind running the 'party face'/ businessman character, giving me a good reason for being the one who knows (alternately, if nobody wants the captain slot, I can run that one instead/too since the captain ought to know what's on his ship).

As for character, I'm up for any era, any race (though I'll probably run one of the Humanati). Once I know what berth I'll be filling on the ship, I'll roll up a character.
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