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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

Originally Posted by Daimyo_Shi View Post
Compared to the USA it is pretty sparsely populated there lots of bush areas to hide in.
Sounds like ideal bandit territory. Fortunately Mounties are fabled as masters of this terrain also and according to tradition can track their quarry for weeks. Perhaps this is what has re-established the reputation of the mounties in your game. Rather than being regular cops they have embraced tradition, honour and duty and as a result are getting that reciprocated by the public.

They don't have that much in the way of resources, but that makes them lean. If you were making a film of the game, that would be the story, not some air operation that is over in seconds because the goodies have all the best toys.

If you pare down your resources it means you can make your biker gangs a bit more hungry too. Bikers armed with SAMs doesn't fit with my image of CW.

The closer you stay to the low end of the tech tree, the more victory relies on tactics rather then tooling.
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