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Default Re: How many Auto Manufacturers are there in NA?

Originally Posted by 43Supporter View Post
...if they're out in the boonies where no one cares, one doesn't have to worry so much about "innocents".

Equally if no one cares why bother hunting them. CW forces are generally to one degree or other mercenary. They need to turn a profit. Any games where one player enjoys unlimited resources is generally a waste of time.

The larger the area an enemy can hide in, the greater the amount of off-mission time the aircraft has to spend. CW doesn't have satellites pinpointing the baddies position. If you have tracked them using ground forces (the stereotypical role of the Mountie) then you can plaster them, but the game is about the finding not the denouement. CW isn't that game either since it is a game of tactical car combat and hide and seek isn't really covered in the rules.

So. Either your scenario is set-up where you know where the enemy are and just whale on them whack-a-mole style, or it is set as some sort of hot pursuit where resource limited Mounties finally close with a broadly equal enemy force. The former is a waste of an afternoon the latter could be entertaining but only of there is genuine peril for the good guys.
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