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Default Re: I figured out what the Way of the Qun is from Dragon Age

Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
That's actually useful to have that explained - I had been under the impression that it was just a display of intellectual arrogance on the part of the critic to claim he knew better than the author.

There's probably some debate to be had about the relative values of the various meanings - and I think we're all aware that it's entirely possible to strap a meaning to something that has nothing to do with it - but I suspect we all have better things to do.

Still, would be interesting to know if Bioware know that the Way of the Qun is Plato's Republic.
It would be more interesting to know if Gaider knows that the Way of the Qun is Plato's Republic. Nobody at Bioware now was there when Dragon Age Origins was written. They're just the owners of the IP.
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