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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

I use the logic that there were plenty of gas plants out there even if the fuel ran out. Ethanol or bio-diesel is a possible alternative fuel. It isn't hard to produce electricity but it does require investment, solar is expensive, wind or water are probably cheaper (just use a motor as a generator) more environment dependent. A still is relatively simple and should be very cheap to manufacture (even the Clampits had a still).

Whilst it is easier to produce electricity for fuel cell plants, gas plant technology is fairly easily understood. A salvaged 100 CID plant with a carburettor can be picked up for less that $250, hardly a rich man's toy. Whilst an equivalent electric car plant is cheaper (but heavier) gas plants for trikes compare favourably with electric one.

I think it more likely out backwoods trike bandit will have a cheapo carburettor gas plant than a far more expensive electric one (especially if he is going to have to add SC and PC upgrades).

My campaign is set in Florida where there is sufficient biomass for ethanol fuel to be more common generally.
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