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Originally Posted by timm meyers View Post
IQ 13 Fire Fountain (M) (nicknamed- Roman Candle)
Wizard launches 3 fireballs in quick succession. Each ball does 1-1. All fireballs can be directed at a single target or separate targets within 1 hex of each other. No mater the number of targets each ball must be rolled individually to hit.
Cost- 2 ST

There has been rumors that a similar spell exists called "Chain Lightning"
I like the idea and have houseruled something similar. I would recommend at least ST 3 to cast though. In my multiple missile spell variant, I imposed a -2 DX penalty per each additional target, so two targets -2 DX 3 targets, -4 DX. You may not have to shift too much, but you are still engaging multiple targets in a 5 second window.

Also, a question, if all three fireballs are fired at one target, is damaged added together, or is each hit treated as a separate attack with armor protecting against each. I think that the latter is what is intended, but I'm unclear.

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