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Default Re: Modular Ability to represent equippable powers

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post
Chip Slots seems the most appropriate. Of course, if the relevant items are roughly comparable in frequency of appearance as FF7's materia, and works similarly (being slotted into gear, rather than into the character, and usable by almost everyone), it may be more appropriate to just treat it as gear rather than as a Power.
I was planning on a high frequency of appearance, and using the modular ability to limit the maximum power gadget the character can use, but that comes out too expensive. I was considering, as an alternative, several possible systems. Using a leveled advantage like Magery and dividing the materia into levels based on point value with each level of Magery giving access to a higher tier of materia, or just having skill, price and space being the only limits, like high TL equipment.

I might use Magery as an attribute, actually, with a default of 10 and a damage chart like ST.
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