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Default Re: Raw Magic, Magical Item Creation

I agree with Not another shrubbery, plus here's a quote in support: "...there may be ways to speed up the process, such as ... Raw Magic..." (Th195).

Originally Posted by Yami Fowl
(Btw, is there any other ways of creating magical itens beside those listed on Magic?)
  • Runic Enchantment (F25, F166)
  • Named Objects (F26, F132)
  • Fetishes (F26)/Gadget-limited abilities
  • Holy Relics (F26)
  • Craft magic (F160)/Enchantment Through Talent (Th198)
  • Meditative Magic (F161)/Devotional Enchantment (Th54)
  • Enchantment Through Age (Th110)
  • Enchantment Through Deeds (Th112)
Some of these are just variations of the two standard enchantment methods though. GURPS Thaumatology also describes many aids which might make enchantment (or spell-casting in general) easier: astrological events, prepared workspaces, magical catalysts, sacrifices, etc.
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