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Default Re: Raw Magic, Magical Item Creation

Originally Posted by Yami Fowl
I'd like to ask something, when dealing with magical itens, 1 point of raw magic can be spent for 100E in Magical Item creation...
Does that accelerate the making process?
Insofar as an item costing 100 energy less will take less time, yes. If a mage wanted to enchant, say, a Create Air amulet (cost=200 energy), he could either gather up enough assistants so that his+theirs energy total [HP+FP+one Powerstone each] was 200, and then do a Quick and Dirty Enchantment that would take two hours. Or he and his assistants could do a safer Slow and Sure Enchantment that would take a total of 200 "mage-days". If the mage had a usable point of Raw Magic, it would reduce the final cost of the enchantment by 100 energy. The Q&D process would thus require only 100 energy from the enchanting circle, and would only take one hour. The S&S process would cost 100 energy also (obviously), and would thus take only 100 "mage-days".
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