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Default Re: (Unofficial) FAQ of the GURPS Fora

And I hereby give permission to anybody who feels industrious to copy my rules Q&A posts and paste them into a handy document, provided they leave them intact.

Added March 21, 2008: It is important to know what assumptions I am nearly always making in my rulings, which form the basis of many FAQ items. For the record, I assume these things (and this list will doubtless grow):
  • You are playing GURPS Fourth Edition ("4e"). We no longer support earlier editions. In general, if you are not sure that something from an earlier edition works the same way in 4e, assume that it does not and ask how it works.

  • You are in a game with a GM. GURPS does not really support PvP or referee-less gaming; most of its rules require significant judgment calls by a GM. My answers should be read as "If you are the GM . . ." or "As a player, you should ask your GM . . .".

  • House rules, however popular or "more sensible," are not official or supported in any way. If you get into trouble with house rules, I may not be able to help you much. ;)

  • You are at least aware that there are books called Magic, Martial Arts, and Powers that significantly expand on character abilities, and that for the most part, gamers assume that you will be using these works.

  • Where not explicitly noted otherwise, PCs are built on 150 points with no more than -75 points in disadvantages, and are subject to the attribute and secondary characteristic maxima on pp. B14-18. Different assumptions should really be stated (although it is safe to assume 250 points for Dungeon Fantasy discussions and 500 points for Supers discussions).

  • You are allowing all traits except those marked "exotic" (alien-head icon) or "supernatural" (lightning-bolt icon) in your campaign -- including cinematic ones, like Gizmos and Signature Gear, unless the discussion has already established that these are effectively "exotic" or "supernatural" in context.

  • You are allowing any traits marked "exotic" or "supernatural" that suit genres that traditionally use these. For instance, fantasy mages can have at least Magery 3 and supers can have Innate Attack.
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