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Default Grumman Goose

Originally Posted by copeab View Post
My go-to amphibian for a typical party, the Grumman Goose. In your case, with the mcKinnon modification of replacing the radial engines with gas turbines.
Ah, yes, the Grumman Goose seems like a very good idea.

It seems fairly plausible that in the 1960s, J.R. Kessler bought one used or even as military surplus, and then had it upgraded as his resources grew.

Do you know what kind of improvement gas turbines give over the radial engines, in terms of cruising speed and range?

Wikipedia lists performance for the JRF-5 Goose, which is a TL6 version and I presume that the gas turbines upgrade the craft to TL7.

The listed performance is perfectly adequate for quick hops from Kessler's isolated seaside retreat near Rosalie, Dominica to the nearby islands of St. Lucia and Guadeloupe, both of which have proper airports as well as offices of companies controlled by Kessler.

The range is also enough to reach any of the Windward Islands where reports of something supernatural might emerge from and many of the Leeward Islands. If the upgraded engines add significant range, it ought to be sufficient for all of the Leeward Islands.

Enough range to reach Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, Jamaica or the Bahamas in one trip would add significant utility, but as that would need to be up to 1,300 miles, I'm guessing that is a job reserved for larger craft.
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