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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Originally Posted by tcr25 View Post
Not sure if this is a bug or limitation, but damage from cestus displays poorly.

On the weapon line, it shows Cestus (By ST), but in the Arena, it shows "You roll NaNdNaN for damage... NaN=NaN for a total of NaN. Edulf takes NaN points of damage..." The character had 12 ST (6 ST remaining).

It was enough to finish Edulf off (so 3 or more points of damage), so it's all good, but still ...
Originally Posted by Mallen the dark View Post
NaN is a programming error saying answer is "not a number". There is a text to number error somewhere.
not only is it a text-to-number issue, it's specifically a display issue (i.e., the app had the number internally to calculate the damage, but didn't have the right information to display the details).
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