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Default Re: Area spells and Size modifiquer

Originally Posted by jackcelso View Post
I have a doubt, if a Giant SM+4, occupying an area of ​​2 hexes of radius is cast with a spell mass sleep what would be the FP cost?
Base Cost 3 x minimum radius 2 = 6 FP.

You pay the same cost regardless of the target's SM.

Remember, Area spells cover a circle of ground and then affect whatever is inside that circle.

Total casting cost for Area spells is always (spell base cost x spell radius in hexes*) - energy reductions for high skill.

Look at Page 11 of GURPS Magic (English version) for full rules. Sorry that I can't provide a Portuguese edition page number.

The one problem with putting a big giant to sleep is that Area spells effects only extend 12 feet (4 yards/meters) above the ground. (Think of the area of effect as a cylinder-shaped area.) If the giant is taller than that the GM might rule that the spell doesn't work because it doesn't affect the giant's entire body.

There are no official rules which apply to this situation, either way. Hope that your GM is generous!

* Or meters or yards if you're not using a battle map.
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