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Default Re: GRUMEC and the Invisible Residents

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
1) What kind of weapons, sensors and other devices might the Brazilian Navy mount on its vessels to defend from aquatic threats from below?

2) How do you defend submarines from Deep Ones?

3) What kind of specialized weaponry might GRUMEC have in this setting that they don't in reality, for underwater encounters with hostile humanoids?
One idea would be to focus high intensity sonar beams on suspected biological targets. This could cause significant injury. The most significant injury is likely to occur at interfaces between materials of different density or elastic properties - such as occurs where muscle meets bone or where gas is present inside the body, such as at lungs or swim bladders. Sound is about the only thing that goes well through water, allowing stand-off strikes against incoming fish-men with a rapidly re-directable beam.

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