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ST 10 [0]; DX 12 [40]; IQ 11 [20]; HT 10 [0]
As ericthered has noted, your attributes are very low, especially for a 300+ point special ops game. If you do get in combat and get hit, HT 10 gives low odds of passing a death check. ST 10 is probably fine, I suggest a minimum DX/IQ of 13, HT 11, maybe 12.

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Danger Sense [15]; Reliable 4 (+20%) [18] I think a modified advantage like this in a psi game should be a psi ability

Trained by a Master [30]; Unarmed only (-40%) [18] As a GM, I would not accept this modifier. Since you don't seem to be taking this for access to special skills, perhaps you could take Weapon Master (Unarmed) for [20], with the broader application to any unarmed skill trading off with no damage bonus (since they all have their own built-in bonuses). I suppose the cost isn't very different, I just don't see Unarmed as that significant of a limitation on TbaM.

PSI Perks:
Psi: EVP [1];
Psi: Gaze into the Abyss [1];
Psi: Ignition [1];
Psi: Personal Awareness [1];
These perks seem to be a grab bag from different powers. Your abilities seem to be a mix of Psychic Healing, Psychokinesis, and perhaps ESP, but I don't think your character should have Anti-Psi perks (which wouldn't be compatible with having other psi powers), and EVP is Ergokinesis, which none of your other powers suggest.

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
(1) Combat [42]
TA Vitals (Karate) -2 [1]-12 - TA are Hard techniques, this should cost [2]
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