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Default Re: [HT] Grenades fuse

Originally Posted by MrFix View Post
Grenades and by extension explosives do add a lot more rolls. Most of my games grind to a halt when things explode.

You need to calculate SEPARATE damage for each person in the blast. You roll dice once, but you need to figure out the damage for each person separately using formula of Damage/(3*<range from target to explosion in yards)
B414 says you roll damage for each individual in the blast, optionally only rolling once for groups of NPCs.

for 5 people, hit by 3 shrapnels, it's 4 3d6 rolls per person and 3 damage rolls per person for total of 35 rolls just to see if that group of people you grenaded dies.
Most grenades do not get that many hits, in my experience. But yes, grenades, like accurate automatic fire can make for a lot of rolling.
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