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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

An updated Hammerhead would require a Super Trike PP with both SCs & PCs on a X-Hvy Chassis to take advantage of weighing in at 4,000lbs plus .

That's $5,100 just on PP - far more cost & weight affective to have a $1,000/$1,200/$1,700/$2,000 Power Plant on a solid Ram Compact or Mid-Size .

( Post 2050 we have costs of Super Trike reduced to $2,500 in some of our group games & a 1,400 PF HD Trike PP & a 2,500 PF 'ThunderKit' PP available for $3,000 & $6,000 respectively . Seems to work very well in games .)

A 5mph/10mph Acceleration will rarely get you in a position to ram anyway these days - unless target is boxed into a tight position .

The (two?) Light Trikes with Ramplates in ADAA VG2 look laughable currently of course .
( pages in my battered copy are loose & can't find first Trike page . I can't recall if Trike above Flaming Arrow is a Light Trike or not ?)
Five Gauss Guns on a Camper !!!
The Resident Brit .

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