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Default Re: Rev Trike Costs : Rules & Ambiguous Wording etc .

Originally Posted by Racer View Post
Well I never really noticed it until recently when McCloud brought it up . It's never been explicitly mentioned but does or not a Rev Trikes +50% Cost to 'chassis' (Body?) effect costs of :
A : The Cost of Chassis Strength ?
B : The Cost of Suspension Improvements ?
C : Both ?
Pretty-sure answer "C" -- a reversed trike being a whole other body type from the original.

Best use for any kind of trike is the To-Hit Mods. My last Div. 5 event before I got booted from NOVA, the resident Omnicidal Maniac brought a Sloped Light Trike; -4/-3 to-hit before any other mods. (He still lost, badly -- Tracer LMGs versus my metal-armored _INS_ subcompact.... >:) )
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