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Default Re: New Sci Fi Setting Seeds

I like Newope, and am tempted to use it in my own space opera setting, only replacing the Force-using Jedi with the psionics-using Knights of (New) Camelot (a non-stop Ren Faire planet, basically), putting it out just beyond the frontier (say, 100 ly or so from Earth). I'm not sure I'd use the matter transmission/teleportation aspects, though. I don't have a Sithy psionics faction in the setting, though - yet.

If you had to pick a side, would you go with them preferring to side with a "unite everyone under our banner" United Earth faction, or a "we don't need the homeworld telling us we're 'bloody colonials', doggammit!" Self-Determination League (some members may share the "unite everyone" ideal of the United Earth, but under their own terms, not Earth's) faction? Or would they stay independent?
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