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Default Re: Pinning down a fix

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
The most important thing to do after applying a pin is to Drain Strength into unconsciousness.
Oh, I'm sure we all regarded that tactic as common knowledge. What else, after all, is a pin good for? What greater good could be gained than replenishing the all-important goblin witch?

The tricky bit, of course, is to bring the opponent down to a multiple of 5 ST before pinning.
Originally Posted by ITL 24
The victim must never be killed by the spell. If the victim had 9 ST left, a wizard could take 5 away (giving himself only 1) but could not take the other 4 away. The backlash would kill the wizard!
So, if he has 5, 10 or 15 ST when pinned, you can drain him to unconsciousness. Otherwise not.
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