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Default Re: [DF] Homebrew Monsters

Other Monsters

The world of Dungeon Fantasy brims with monsters that defy classification. Ogres, trolls, gargoyles, coleopterans, mutants, maggot-men, sea-serpents, centaurs, minotaurs, giants, dark gods, werewolves, vampires and more all swarm across the surface off the world and squirm beneath its skin. If you seek more interesting monster, you can peruse GURPS Fantasy, Banestorm, or the many Creatures of the Night supplements available on e23. Further, GURPS itself lets you create or design any monster you like. Be sure to post them online for the rest of us to use!

Below are a few more common, miscellaneous monsters often found within dungeons.

Ogre Brute (Greater Worthy)
Not all Ogres are “civilized” enough to be delvers. In fact, most aren't. The Ogre Brute represents the typical Ogre found in many dungeons and caves, snacking upon the bones of human children, covered in furs and stolen clothes, staring at heroes with fat, drooling lips and empty, vacant gazes, before bellowing and striking with their massive clubs.

These ogres are meat-shields, pure and simple. They charge, they attack, they throw their considerable weight around, and they smash heroes in a single swat, if their clumsy blows strike home. Smarter dungeon monsters tempt them into service with promises of nice food and, uh, pretty ogres?

Other ogres might include... oh, who am I kidding, this is pretty much all ogres out there.
ST: 24/25   HP: 40    Speed: 5.5
DX: 10      Will:9/12 Move:  6
IQ: 7       Per: 7
HT: 12      FP: 12    SM: +1
Dodge: 8   Parry: 9   DR:  4
Fist (13): 2d+2 crushing
Maul (14): 5d+3 (Unbalanced*)

Traits: Appearance (Hideous), Bestial, Fearlessness +3, Gluttonous (6), High Pain Threshold, Magic Resistance 2, Night Vision 5

Skills: Brawl DX+3 [8]-13, Wrestling DX+1[4]-11, Two-Handed Axe/Mace DX+4 [16]-14

Class: Mundane (Ogre)

Notes: Willing to negotiate, but only on their level (Food, women, territory, simplistic praise), easily tricked. Maul is “unbalanced” rather than “Unready” due to strength. Truly evil.
Troll Creeper(Worthy)
Unlike many of the large, beastly monsters of the world, trolls are slim, graceful and crafty. Their glittering eyes and ferocious grins haunt the nightmares of many travelers more than the loud roars of orcs or the moan of zombies. Trolls believe in subtly, ruthlessness and having fun when killing. With their brightly colored hair and ugly, strange wrinkles, they are the clowns of the monster world, and they don't mind.

Trolls tend to be broadly flexible as monsters, and creepers embrace this notion, having honed his regenerative prowess, practiced his stealth and increased his lethality, allowing him to flit from the role of Brute, Killer and Stalker with ease.
ST: 11      HP: 16    Speed: 6
DX: 14      Will: 10  Move:  6
IQ: 10      Per: 13
HT: 11      FP: 11    SM: +0
Dodge: 10  Parry: 11  DR:  0
Sharp Teeth (17): 1d-1 cutting
Spear (16): 1d+2 impaling, (Acc 2, Range 12/18, RoF 1(1))

Traits: Appearance (Ugly), Bad Temper (12), Bloodlust (12), Combat Reflexes, Discriminatory Smell,, Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3), Universal Digestion, Vulnerability (Fire, x2)

Special Powers: Regeneration (Not vs Fire or Acid) (Biological)

Skills: Brawl DX+3 [8]-17, Spear DX+2 [8]-16, Stealth DX+2 [8]-16, Thrown Weapon (Spear) DX+2 [4]-16

Class: Mundane (Troll)

Notes: Night Adapted Vision -5. Might be willing to negotiate, if its clear he can't win.
Troll Witch (Worthy)
Peculiar among their race, Troll Witches are surprisingly attractive. They lack the wrinkles and lop-sided features that plague many trolls, though they retain the long, wildly colorful hair, the sharp teeth and the long limbs. Their beauty haunts both trolls and delvers alike, though Troll Witches seem more fascinated with attractive delvers than hideous trolls.

Troll Witches continue the trollish tradition of flexibility and cunning in battle. She employs a variety of curses meant to befuddle and confuse the minds of travellers so they slip a little closer to her and her kin... for supper.
ST: 8       HP: 9     Speed: 6.5
DX: 11      Will: 13  Move:  6
IQ: 13      Per: 15
HT: 11      FP: 13    SM: +0
Dodge: 9   Parry: 8   DR:  0
Sharp Teeth (12): 1d-4 cutting
Long Knife (13): 1d-3 impaling

Traits: Appearance (Atractive), Awe, Bad Temper (12), Discriminatory Smell, Empathy, Lecherousness (12), Magery 1, Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3), Universal Digestion, Vulnerability (Fire x2)

Skills: Brawl DX+1 [2]-12, Knife DX+2[4]-13, Occultism IQ+1[4]-14, Sex Appeal HT+3*[8]-14, Mind Control Spells! IQ [12]-13

Class: Mundane (Troll)

Notes: Night Adapted Vision -5. Willing to negotiate, especially with boys, but it might be a trick.
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