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Default Re: [DF] Homebrew Monsters

(Elder Things cont'd)

The Prince in Azure (Lesser Epic Boss)
The king and prophet of the Dark Ones, the Prince of Azure has walked among the Elder Things and returned, his true heritage finally realized. He lives among his people now, an elder god barely constrained in the flesh of a mortal, which writhes beneath his handsome, dark, dark blue skin. He wears snow-white robes, matching his pallid hair, and carries a sacrificial dagger. His hunger for death and the madness of the stars are in his black eyes, and his very approach weighs down those around him with fear.

The Prince in Azure is a classic example of how an Epic Boss can be created from a non-epic template. Simply piling heavy, powerful templates on a simple Dark One is sufficient to create an imposing villain to face.
ST: 11      HP: 11    Speed: 5.25
DX: 11/13   Will: 15  Move:  5
IQ: 12      Per: 12
HT: 10      FP: 10    SM: +0
Dodge: 9   Parry: 11  DR:  0
Sacrificial Knife (14): 1d-2 Impaling
Flaying Touch (15): 3d Impaling, plus Side-Effect (Terrible Pain), 3 uses per day.

Traits: Appearance (Attractive +1), Bloodlust (6), Combat Reflexes, Elder Gift 2, High Manual Dexterity 2, Impulsiveness (12), Magery +1, Night Vision 1, Overconfidence, Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3),Terror (-1 to Fright Check)

Special Powers: Dark Reincarnation, Flaying Touch (Unholy), Path Breaking

Skills: Brawl DX+4 [12]-15, Knife DX+3 [8]-14, Fast Talk IQ+2 [8]-14, Intimidation Will+1 [4]-16

Class: Elder Thing

Notes: The Prince in Azure will use Path Breaking to divide a party up, and then stalk them down one by one while the delvers struggle to figure out how to help their comrades. Note that his Bloodlust has a resistance score of 6, rather than 12. The Prince in Azure isn't terribly tough, but he doesn't want to be. Once he's been killed or knocked unconscious, he instantly changes into an Elder God. He uses the Elder God base template, but keeps his skills (his mental skills increase by 1 and his physical skills increase by 3), Flaying Touch and Path Breaking, and increases ST to 25, DR to 1 and SM to 4. He fully regenerates. Willing to negotiate (very skilled at it too). Truly Evil.
Dark One Assassin (Worthy)
Not all elder things are mighty, unnatural gods from beyond reality. Some are small, parked in our backyard, pretending to be one of us.

The Dark One Assassin looks like anyone it wants, carefully retaining the forms of those around him, living among humans while pretending to be one, or walking among dwarves while wearing their skin. Once the Assassin is close enough to his target, he strikes, and then vanishes into the darkness as quickly as he can, sowing confusion among his enemies. Dark One Assassins are often seen among other monstrous races, acting as quiet emissaries for the will of the Elder Gods, where their suspicious nature something breeds treachery.
ST: 10      HP: 10    Speed: 6
DX: 13/15   Will: 12  Move:  6
IQ: 12      Per: 17
HT: 10      FP: 10    SM: +0
Dodge: 9   Parry: 11  DR:  0
Short sword (16): 1d-2 impaling, 1d cutting

Traits: Bloodlust (12), Elder Gift 2, High Manual Dexterity +2, Night Vision 4, Paranoia (12), Resistant to Metabolic Hazards +3, Sadism (12), Silence 2,

Special Powers: Mimic (Unholy)

Skills: Shortsword DX+3 [12]-16, Stealth DX+3 [12]-16, Acting IQ+2 [8]-14, Poison IQ [2]-12

Class: Elder Thing

Notes: A Dark One Assassin always approaches his prey silently, or disguised in some fashion. After striking, he'll retreat and use his stealth and his mimic to confuse the rest of the party. He especially enjoys doing this in a prison full of people, frustrating his pursuers until they start butchering innocent people. Willing to negotiate. Truly Evil.
Dark One Cabalist (Worthy)
The Elder Gods are too grand and incomprehensible to appreciate worship the way most gods do, but for the Dark Ones, who know their way of thinking, their language, Elder Gods can acknowledge the generosity of new victims and bestow their unnatural blessings upon the worthy.

The masters of the Dark One cults are tall and imposing, cowled and clad in pristine white, wearing gloves of crimson and black leather that never stain no matter how much blood they shed. Their power radiates around them so strongly that animals rise up and flee and mortals can sense their imminent arrival.

Dark One Cabalists generally serve as attachés to other monster groups, much like Dark One Assassins (Though far more personable... at least, until the elder god hungers...), casting spells to support their allies. They have the capacity to call upon their dark masters with a potent sacrifice that grants them enormous power all at once.
ST: 10      HP: 10    Speed: 5
DX: 10/12   Will: 12  Move:  5
IQ: 12      Per: 12
HT: 10      FP: 12    SM: +0
Dodge: 8   Parry: 8  DR:  0
Sacrificial Dagger (12): 1d-3 impaling

Traits: Bloodlust (12), Clerical Investment, Elder Gift 2, Frightens Animals, Night Vision 1, Power Investiture +2 (Unholy), Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3),

Special Abilities: Blood Caster

Skills: Knife DX+2 [4]-12, Occultism IQ+3* [4]-15, Theology IQ+1 [8]-13

Spells: Unholy Spells! IQ+2* [24]-14

Class: Elder Thing

Notes: Willing to negotiate. Truly Evil.
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