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Default [Loadouts] Combat Medic

I love the load outs series (even though we only have one offering so far)

Here is my personal load out for my Afghanistan deployment:

ACU Uniform: Flame Resistant (I think they said it would protect against burns for 3 to 4 seconds) includes pants with calf pockets (roughly the same size and shape as a 30 round M4 mag) Surgical gloves in left pocket, CAT tourniquet in right, Cargo pockets (gloves in left, beanie or scarf in right), hip pockets, ID card in left on lanyard and attached to belt loop with small D ring, unopened cigarettes in right. Butt pockets: left empty, right has dog tags and St. Christopher medallion.
Belt is a rigger belt with blood chit sewn in. Rigger belt has an integrated D ring attachment point and claims to be able to hold 3,000lbs
Combat Shirt: water wicking material and very breathable. Has zipper pockets on each shoulder: Right pocket has open cigarettes and lighter. Velcro name tape, rank and IR flag on outside. Left has ear plugs and random items. Velcro unit patch on outside. Lower left arm has three pen slots with a black permanent Marker, pen light, and black ball pen (always the clicky kind)
Tan Altima combat boots with laces knotted at the end and combat tucked (also I don't blouse my pants).
Green Socks, water wicking.
weight is 5lbs for all of this.

Timex digital watch on left wrist.

IBA (Body armor) with front, rear and side trauma plates: Large D ring on back. Left trauma plate case has MOLLE two mag pouch with PLB (personal locator beacon in it). Left bottom has two MOLLE three mag pouches attached together with 6 30 round mags. Mags are loaded with one tracer round on top 27 5.56mm rounds then two tracer rounds on bottom. Above the ammo pouches I have a small D ring around center mass, a Gerber pouch with Gerber multi-tool, 14g needle in plastic case, ink pen and seat belt cutter pouch with seat belt cutter placed so it comes out of the case toward my feet (the tool itself has a quick pull string, whetstone, O2 tank valve opener). On the left shoulder I keep a screw-locked D-ring with a click LCD light (red) and ear plug case attached to it.
Lower right has canteen/multi pouch with two small side pockets. Left side has combat gauze (kerlex impregnated with hemcon), right has 3" medical tape. Main pouch has three combat gauze packs, one CAT tourniquet, three heavy flow tampons, 3" roll of coban, 3" ACE bandage. Above that is NPA ( naso pharyngeal airway) trauma shears on small D ring, Wolf sling attachment and CAT tourniquet on right shoulder.
Right trauma plate cover has IFAC attached upside down. IFAC includes combat gauze, NPA, CAT, 3" tape, compressed kerlex, combat bandage, medical gloves all attached to an inner pouch on a lanyard.

Total weight is 40 lbs

M4 with wolf sling, CCO red dot sight, P-rail system, and 30 round mag loaded.

Whew that was alot of stuff and I haven't even done my Aid-bag, Assualt pack, trauma pouch, or trauma bag. I'll do those soon™

EDIT to add some links:
Combat shirt
First Aid Canteen Pouch
IBA, but mine is ACU digital cammo and full MOLLE
CAT For game purposes I would say that the cat can be applied to an arm or leg in about 3 to 5 seconds and completely stops bleeding if done right. This would be usefull only if bleeding rules are used.
Afghanistan is a beautiful for all the humans that loiter about the place.

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