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Through the permeable walls is a large room with a stairway going down.

Stairway to lower level

This stairway is 20 foot wide and leads to the lower level. There are magical runes above the door to the guard room. The magical runes cause a panic spell to activate towards nonfollowers of the god of the temple below. PCs must make a HT roll of be overcome with fear and run back.

Guard Room

There is one poison elf guard per PC, there will be one leader for them. They will attack immediately as they are well informed of the PCs presence

Poison Elf Guards
ST:12 DX:12 IQ:10 HT:10 HP:10 Will:12 Per:12 FP:10 Speed:6.00 Move:6 SM:0 DR:5 Dodge:9 Parry:11 Block:11

Swords(16)1d-1thrust, 1d+2 swing +1d6 poison (Resist HT-6)
Crossbow(16) +1d6 poison (Resist HT-6)

Traits: Dark Vision; Magery 0; Resistance (Poison); Silence 2; Teeth (Sharp); Toxic Attack 1d (Cosmic, Lingering special effect, +100%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; Resistible, HT-30%); Unnatural Feature (Serpent-like Eyes).

Skills: Crossbow-16; Shadowing-16; Shield-16; Sword-16; Stealth-16

Class: Faery Race

Notes: The poison elves will use their toxic power to poison their swords and crossbow bolts. They wear swamp dragon armor and have a shield.

Poison Elf Leader
ST:15 DX:15 IQ:12 HT:12 HP:18 Will:12 Per:12 FP:18 Speed:6.75 Move:7 SM:0 DR:7 Dodge:10 Parry:12 Block:12

Sword(18) +2d poison (Resist HT-6)
Crossbow(18) +2d poison (Resist HT-6)

Traits: Dark Vision; Magery 0; Resistance (Poison); Silence 2; Teeth (Sharp); Toxic Attack 2d (Cosmic, Lingering special effect, +100%; Costs Fatigue, 1 FP, -5%; Melee Attack, Reach C, -30%; Resistible, HT-30%); Unnatural Feature (Serpent-like Eyes).

Skills: Crossbow-18; Shadowing-16; Shield-16; Sword-18; Stealth-16.

Spells: Darkness-15; Blackout-15; Fog-15; charm-15

Pool Room

In this room is a large square pool with filthy water. The walls are covered in algae and the ceiling has stalagtites of slime dripping from it. Within the filthy pool are 1 frog demon per 2 PCs. The demons have their frog-like eyes peering above the surface and will be detected by PCs on a Per-3 roll. The frog demons will spring forth and attack.

Frog Demon
ST:20 DX:12 IQ:12 HT:12 HP:20 Will:15 Per:15 FP:12 Speed:6.00 Move:6 SM:+1 DR:5 Dodge:9 Parry:10(Unarmed)

Bite(15)2d-1 cutting
Claw:(15)2d-1 cutting

Traits: Combat Reflexes; Dark Vision; Doesn't Breath;Doesn't Eat or Drink; Doesn't Sleep; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Indomitable; Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Brain, Neck, Vitals); Unfazeable.

The pool room leads to a hallway.

Hall to the Temple

This hall is 100 feet long. It is made of normal stone but is covered with algae. The hallway descends down towards the temple. As the PCs descend, the hallway begins to to move and buckle. The walls begin to ooze hideous slime and all PCs must make a DX roll or fall into the slimy walls. Any PC touching the wall will will take 2d damage on exposed flesh and the ooze will reach flesh in DR seconds on armored flesh unless removed. The hallway will buck all non-followers of the ancient god during the entire time the PCs are in the hallway.

Temple of the Ancient God

The double doors to this temple are of orichalcum and they have many demonic and serpent etchings upon them. The doors are unlocked and when they are opened a large temple area is revealed. Within the temple it is quite dark (-5 to vision), there is no way to use light spells or torches to make it brighter than this.It would be completely dark without any light however. The floors are made of green marble with strong veins of gold and silver that shine in the torchlight. On each side of the temple walls are a set of six pillars made of green serpentine run through with strange reds and violets. The pillars are carved in such a way that they resemble intertwined and twisting serpents. The ceiling is over 50 feet high and the walls are made of marble patterned in reptillian scales. The room exudes a strong evil and it can be felt by all, particularly holy PCs. At the end of the temple is a sacrificial altar carved out of beautifully patterned malachite which is upon a diaz with three steps of adventurine. Behind the altar is a wall of obsidion. On each side of the obsidion wall are copper braziers with green patinas which burn a golden flame causing unnerving shadows to dance across the temple. The entire temple seems to defy normal geometry and the pillars and walls seem to subtley move.

After a time a figure in an deep green robe will walk towards the PCs carrying a small torch. This is Saepha, the poison elf temple mistriss. She is quite beautiful with delicate features and a youthful and innocent face. Her skin is a light green color and her curly hair is a deep green which is pulled back from her face. Her eyes are predatory and serpentine, gleaming with a golden sparkle in the torchlight. She says to the PCs in a gentle voice "Your bravery is commendable, surrender now and the great Nyaga will reward you with a swift death."

If the PCs surrender then the avatar of Nyaga will come forth and devour them. If the PCs refuse or attack Saepha, she will grin playfully, revealing her fang-like canines and say "So be it, Nyaga will show no mercy."

Saepha is just a projecting an image of herself and this image will quickly disappear. Afterwards, the black obsidion wall behind the altar will grow infinately black and a cool otherworldly breeze will come forth causing the brazier flames to writhe like dancing serpents. Any torch or lantern flames will do likewise. Two large red serpent eyes will leer out of the infinate blackness (what used to be the obsidion wall). (Fright Check -2) The eyes follow the PCs and eventually what appears to be a huge black serpent-like thing coming forth from the wall. The serpent thing will then coil around the altar and ready itself to strike the PCs. The evil emanating from this thing is incomprehensible to mortal minds and holy PCs are absolutely revolted by this monstrosity.

Avatar of Nyaga
ST:30 DX:15 IQ:15 HT:13 HP:50 Will:20 Per:20 FP:13 Speed:7.00 Move:7 SM:+4 DR:10 Dodge:10 Parry:N/A

Bite(20): 3d impaling + poison HT roll or paralysis until cured.

Traits: Combat Reflexes; Dark Vision; Doesn't Breath; Doesn't Sleep; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Indomitab;e; No Legs (Slithers).

When the avatar is finally slain it will begin to decompose and form a hideous chaotic mass of serpent like things before dissipating.
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