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Default Re: Lock Opening Power

If all you want to do is open locks without tools, you could kludge together something like this:

Start with an Accessory perk that grants lockpicks. This is worth 1 point, and lets the owner pick locks the slow, sure way, using visible tools that happen to be attached to her.

Now layer a bunch of modifiers on it:

Cosmic, Irresistible attack, +300% to let the ability work regardless of barriers. Normally, you can't pick a lock that only has an opening on the far side of the door, or that's inside an armored box. Presumably, these things aren't a limit here.

Cosmic, No die roll required, +100% to eliminate the Lockpicking roll and just have the thing work (there's still a hidden Lockpicking roll, at IQ-5 for the untrained, and any modifiers that reduce it below 3 would negate the ability).

No Signature, +20% to eliminate the normally visible tool and activity.

Ranged, +40% to make it work from afar, but with Short-Range 1, -10% to give it the -1/yard penalties typical of spells (this would interact with the hidden roll I mentioned).

Reduced Time 3, +60% to take the 60 seconds for a Lockpicking skill attempt down to something closer to the 10 seconds to cast Lockmaster.

So you get this:
Accessory (Lockpicks; Cosmic, Irresistible attack, +300%; Cosmic, No die roll required, +100%; No Signature, +20%; Ranged, +40%; Reduced Time 3, +60%; Short-Range 1, -10%) [7]
The effect is that the user can walk up to any lock and open it in about 8 seconds without the need to touch or manipulate it, as long as her IQ-5 or Lockpicking, at -1/yard and with security-level penalties, is 3 or higher.
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